A good excuse for not writing

So, it’s been a while, and it may seem like I might have given up, but here’s the scoop. I was making steady progress with my rough draft when, well, things happened. But before I get to that…

My current status:

Currently editing page: 71

Current novel length: 200 pages and 61,577 words

At this rate, I’ll never finish, especially since I haven’t edited/written in almost two months and since I’m adding more pages than I’m really editing (already 25 pages more than I started with?). Crazy. It’ll still be a first draft when I’m done.

So what happened to all that drive?

Evening sickness, which is apparently more common than morning sickness. That’s right, we’re expecting baby #2. She/he comes in late November!

The good news is the evening sickness has finally subsided for the most part, but it was rough going for a couple of months. The worst was getting sick in a Starbucks bathroom one afternoon. One moment I felt fine, the next I wasn’t.

In other news, I’ve gotten a bit of reading in. Although I haven’t found any chick lit I liked nearly as much as Bridget Jones’ Diary, I’ve found a few decent reads that made me chuckle. I guess the best and brightest of chick lit didn’t start and end with Helen Fielding; it just seems that way sometimes. I’m at 24 books for the year and there were quite a few really good ones from the 2012 VNSA book spree (and only two Georgette Heyer in the mix!). I’d be happy if I got through another 12 books this year. I guess that’s my new and more realistic goal.

2 thoughts on “A good excuse for not writing

  1. Thanks, Marisol! We’re halfway through now, and I already can’t wait to be done with pregnancy :)

    – Krista

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