Day 3: Just keep plugging away

I’ve heard different variations of this story, and it continues to resonate with me. Basically, a writer wasn’t getting anywhere with his/her novel and resolved to work on it every day, even if only for one minute. It didn’t matter what the writer updated – the margins, renaming the novel, adding page numbers, whatever, as long as the writer worked on it every day – eventually he/she would finish the novel.

So, as tired as I was tonight and as much as I wanted to go to bed, I told myself I would edit at least one page. I got through three. Updating my blog is a bonus. If I write one update a day, by the end of the month, I will have almost doubled the number of blog posts I’ve written on this blog. But maybe this is cheating :) Whatever!

Currently editing page: 28
Number of pages edited today: 3

Current novel length: 177 pages

Goal for tomorrow: edit 10 pages

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