How to write a novel and lose weight

I wasn’t kidding when I tacked a bullet point on my last blog entry about losing five pounds. I really did lose five pounds in November. I was actually down by 10 pounds at one point and attributed it to the copious amounts of green tea I was drinking and some really late night writing sprees.

I wasn’t actually trying to lose weight, but isn’t that a nice bonus?

As I inferred before, my daughter is a very light sleeper. What I didn’t mention is, my office faces my daughter’s room. So, I’d get her to sleep, clean up downstairs, and then I’d head up to my office and close the door most of the way – closing it all the way would wake her up. I could work for an hour or so without interruption, but every night she’d wake up and see my office light on and start calling to me to stop working because she wanted to snuggle. I wasn’t getting quite as much work done as I wanted.

Something had to give, so I gave up my lovely 24 inch monitor and took my laptop downstairs to the kitchen (warmest room in the house!). Since I don’t have a desk in the kitchen, throughout the month of November, I stood at the counter and typed away at my novel. The one to two hours of extra standing and fidgeting (or dancing if the music was right) every night got rid of five pounds I didn’t need.

And drinking copious amounts of green tea helped.

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