Reading unrecommendation – Eat, Pray, Love

Wow, I can’t believe Eat, Pray, Love is going to be a movie. I’m halfway through the book now, and it’s terrible. It hijacked my reading streak (I was at 30 novels at the end of July and haven’t finished a single novel in nearly two weeks), so now I’m behind. I don’t know if I can catch up. Is it going to take me another two weeks to get through the stupid thing?

I used to be one of those people who had to finish every book she started. But this year, I decided I wasn’t going to get derailed on my quest to read 52 books (one book per week). Plus, I decided I didn’t want to waste my time reading books I didn’t like when there are so many amazing novels out there. This stood me well for a couple of novels, one of which I lent to a friend with a warning via sticky note about the overuse of exclamation points.

I should have put Eat, Pray, Love down, but I liked the writing and thought it would get better. Who knew the author would whine about her life, depression, divorce, inability to meditate for so many pages? The author is so whiney and pathetic that I just can’t sympathize, and that’s the real problem with this novel. I’m only halfway through, so maybe I should reserve final judgment till I finish the blasted thing. I’ve only gotten as far as I’ve gotten because I read it to my daughter for ten minutes a day (I like the writing and vocabulary).

I’m just amazed that so many people liked this book that it’s now a movie.

Here are a couple of reviews:

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