Sunday updates and goals – Progress!

We have progress! Yay! Here are the numbers:

  • # of words written: zippo, but I started an outline
  • Blog posts: two (three if you count this one)
  • Contract work: After finishing a complete rough draft last week, I haven’t done a single thing this week
  • Office de-cluttering: One box organized; one bag of trash
  • Books read: One

These are my goals for this week:

  • # of words written: finish outline
  • Blog posts: two (other than this one)
  • Contract work: Need to reconnect with client on needs
  • Office de-cluttering: get through two boxes
  • Books read: one
  • Play with my daughter: always!

There’s more, but I really need to get to bed at a decent time tonight. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.

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