Back from Vegas and nothing to show for it

This is a good thing.

We thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of Vegas, but we didn’t waste any money on gambling. Although I missed playing blackjack, I couldn’t justify gambling when the economy is so rocky and we have no idea what’s around the corner. Having my own business has made me much more conscious of my spending just because I don’t know when I’ll get another project.

Luckily, Vegas isn’t all about gambling. We loved getting a chance to sip hot chocolate at Max Brenner’s again. Specifically, the italian hot chocolate in the hug mug. However, $3 for my two-year-old to drink a third of a cup of milk out of the Alice cup was a little outrageous and frustrating to deal with (a cup with no lid for a two-year-old is just asking for trouble). But this is the new Vegas, where food is double the price of what it would normally be. It almost felt like being back in Sydney, except that we knew if we ventured off the strip, we’d hit normal-ville again. But where’s the fun in that?

Other delights? Not that I’m all about food, but I was all sorts of excited when I saw Serendipity 3. Frozen hot chocolate! Yes! Unfortunately, the wait to eat and the slow service meant we had to skip dessert to get little J back to the hotel and to bed. We never did make it back for our frozen hot chocolate. My husband wasn’t impressed with the place, so I couldn’t drag him back to partake of the real attraction of Serendipity. Maybe another time.

By far, the best part of the strip was the Conservatory at Bellagio. I just adored the whimsical displays. This was my favorite:

Flower painting at Bellagio

It’s a painting made from fresh flowers. Spectacular! I’ll add more photos when I upload them from my other camera. The Bellagio displays knocked my socks off. They’re always impressive, but this time, I just wanted to sit on a bench and absorb the sites and fresh air. It’s now my favorite hotel, although I’ve yet to stay there. Maybe next time.

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