Not another niche blogger

I’m so over niche blogging. I know it’s a faux pas and goes against basic blog tenets, but what are you supposed to do if you have a variety of interests you want to write about? Create a new blog for each interest? To some extent, I tried that and felt stifled. I’d want to write about something, but I’d worry about it being off topic, so I’d wait for an on topic idea that wouldn’t come. Then I’d feel guilty for not maintaining my niche blog and would avoid the computer. Then I wouldn’t be writing at all, and that was worse than breaking one of the basic blogging rules. I couldn’t win.

So, I am not a niche blogger. If I was, I’d feel guilty about sharing Mashable’s favorite dance videos with you. Do yourself a favor and watch the second video. Those little girls are amazing. They complete a triple pirouette like it’s easier than riding a bike. The other videos are pretty good, too.

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