Sunday updates and goals

First, the updates… uh, not many. Maybe I’ll just start with the numbers:

  • # of words written: zippo
  • Blog posts: uno (yay! two if you count this one)
  • Contract work: Finished outlines for three user guides; one outline still in progress; wrote/edited eight topics
  • Office de-cluttering: don’t ask
  • Books read: zippo

These are my goals for this week:

  • # of words written: some
  • Blog posts: two (other than this one)
  • Contract work: Finish outline #4; write/edit 70 or so topics
  • Office de-cluttering: get through one box or put away one stack o’ crap
  • Books read: one
  • Play with my daughter: always!

My new hope is that if I put some goals out there for all the world to see, I’ll be able to stick to them. I’ll be sure to blog about how it all goes.

That’s about all I have tonight. I’m heading to bed early. Seriously. Now. Or within 10 minutes, whichever comes first.

2 thoughts on “Sunday updates and goals

  1. I don’t know from chick lit (careful when you say that fast), but after reading your previous postings, I would like to offer, in my usual humble (stop smirking) manor, my observations.


    Secondly, I think you are selling yourself short. I found the second paragraph of your “Keeping busy…” post has the makings of the start or part of a nice short story.
    If I may be so bold:

    I experienced a most wonderful thing today, for today I was both a mother and a granddaughter. I have been missing their warmth and love and the simple pleasure of their company over coffee. That they live nearby only makes it more difficult, for there
    is not the too easy excuse of distance, only, even to me, the hollow excuses of deadlines,chores, stresses. But today, today was different. My daughter, through my grandparents can know where she comes from, through me who she came from, all of which will help shape the woman she will become. Today the ought too world was transformed to the necessary world. Quiet, peaceful, filled with laughter, filled with love.
    As I tucked my beloved into bed, I realized she won’t remember the chores left to the wayside, but the warm glow of a special day. So will her mother.

    1. That’s the best advice I’ve gotten all day. Wish I’d seen this earlier :)

      I’ve seen a lot of your comments on demdiva. Are you a writer, too?

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