Touring England with Kids

There’s so much information on the web about traveling and traveling with kids, but I have a hard time finding sites that resonate with me and the way we travel. We are heading to England for a two week trip, and I’ve done a crap-ton of research, as evidenced by the next few posts I’ll be doing.

We are a family of four, and the girls are 5 and 9.  We fly into Manchester, and from there we overnight in:

– Sheffield
– Cambridge
– Augill Castle
– Newcastle
– Edinburgh
– Manchester

While I was researching, I had Juliet, 9, read the Blood Curdling Box of Books – Horrible Histories Collection. Kora, 5, got to watch Secrets of Great British Castles. I mapped out all of the sites we want to go to – two sites per day. I hope the girls don’t hate me by the time we’re done!

Of note for now, a lot of the properties are National Trust or English Heritage, so I researched how to become members as Americans. Without membership, the entrance fees can be high, so it was important to us to become members.

For the National Trust, membership is through the Royal Oak Foundation. I purchased it about two weeks in advance and got the cards in plenty of time.

For English Heritage, we can get a 9 or 16 day visitor pass, and we can purchase that on site at an English Heritage property.

We are staying at a few hotels, Augill castle, and a couple of apartments. I’m particularly excited to stay at the Leopold Hotel in Sheffield – I believe they have a Nespresso machine in the rooms, and that makes all the difference for easing into a long trip. Of note for hotels in England, like in Europe, it is very difficult to find a single room for a family of four. Most places allow no more than three to a room, and there is an upcharge.

But the thing I’m most looking forward to is our stay in Augill Castle. A real castle! It looks beautiful and has great reviews. I’m sure I’ll be adding a great review myself when we’re done.

I’ll do my best to update as we go. Here’s to trying my hand at travel blogging!

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