We all have hangups… this is mine

It’s a little too easy to put my personal goals aside for family commitments and volunteer work, and I’ve been putting off my personal goals for too long.

My newest news is…after putting it off since December, I finally sent my first pitch for the parenting humor non-fiction piece I finished last year. This is only the first pitch, but I’ve broken the ice!

I had put hours of research into the query and the agent I wanted to pitch first, and I read and re-read and read and re-read the query letter itself, but I could never bring myself to write the Author Bio and send it off. This was my hangup. What do you write when you spend most of your time on parenting and politics and the thousands of pages of documentation you’ve written over the years don’t have your name on them?

This week, with a little push from a friend, I’m happy to say that I overcame my hangups. Now to get the next query ready to send and wait for the rejections to start rolling in… or to think positively about this being my year. Come to think of it, I’d rather do that. Wish me luck!

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