Travel in a Coronavirus world: Race to Cape Town

There we were, enjoying the safaris, a visit to Victoria Falls, a river cruise, and some relaxation time, when our tour operator in Cape Town emailed me about a travel ban in South Africa starting the day of our scheduled arrival into Cape Town from Zimbabwe.

We knew we needed to keep up with everything going on, but we didn’t expect South Africa to close to tourists from the US.

We had a little wiggle room and discussed all our options, from staying in Zimbabwe until our flights home to cutting our safari short and going to Cape Town.

Hubs researched flight options and found some availability to fly into Cape Town, and we researched the ban to see if they would let us into South Africa the day before the travel ban. Ultimately, it was a gamble. With things changing so rapidly, we had no idea.

We took the risk, cut the trip short, and raced to Cape Town.

It was hard to cut the safari short, but getting to Cape Town, where our flights back to the US depart from, would give us more flexibility if things continue to change.

So, now we are in Cape Town.

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