Travel in a Coronavirus world: the more things change, the more they stay the same

We made it safely to Cape Town, but my anxiety was high going through immigration. Even without symptoms, what if one of us coughed at the wrong time? Or what if there was a failed temperature reading? Nerve wracking.

The anxiety hasn’t gotten any better, because we are still on our adventure. The news is constantly changing. The rules are constantly changing. What was open isn’t open. Things that should be closed aren’t closed.

With our flights, we originally split up, 7yo and me booked on one flight and 10yo and hubs booked on another. With the increased chaos, hubs moved us all to a flight on Sunday. We couldn’t find anything earlier for the four of us, but we wanted to reduce exposure by getting on the same flights and route. And with that change, we added another full day tour for Saturday and were getting ready to add a tour for Sunday that would end with us being dropped at the airport.

There are no good plans under this coronavirus pandemic, and luckily, hubs noticed a missing flight segment and discovered our Sunday flights were cancelled. After spending some time searching, we decided on our original flight itinerary. We couldn’t get tickets for the four of us without adding several more days to the itinerary.

We are still enjoying Cape Town, still being vigilant with hand washing and disinfectant, and still think we’ll make it home this weekend.

Fingers crossed.

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