Travel in a Coronavirus world: Should we stay or should we go?

Go or no go.

Hubs and I discussed this on and off for days before leaving on our scheduled trip to Africa. Our scheduled route: PHX to DFW to Doha to Johannesburg to Livingston, and a few days later traveling to Cape Town.

Last night, we had a final go or no go discussion and decided to go, at least to DFW. We’d continue to keep an eye on things and make our next “go or no go” decision at DFW.

We planned with caution in mind, packing disposable gloves, disinfecting wipes, vogmasks, and hand sanitizer. We also packed extra clothes and electronics, journals, books in case we have trouble getting home.

Having said that, we still packed light, each taking one carry-on suitcase and a backpack–all calculated to reduce the number of hands that we come into contact with.

Early this morning, we caught a ride to Sky Harbor. The airport was busy, maybe busier than expected, considering. However, not at all busy compared to the activity we usually see at the airport during spring break.

The AA lounge, usually packed, was not.

We reminded the girls (7 and 10 now) not to touch anything and especially not to touch their faces, and you could see in the reflecting mirrors of their eyes all the surfaces they weren’t thinking about touching but now wanted more than anything in the world to touch. They kept their hands to themselves.

There were a couple of people wearing masks, but not many.

We boarded our plane, which was full, and wiped down seats, trays, and windows with our disinfecting wipes. The first leg was uneventful.

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